Fire Feet: Top Lacrosse Cleats of 2016

Here's a quick overview of what I believe are the top 5 newest and hottest cleats in stock, along with the rest of our cleat selection, at Universal Lacrosse. The Under Armour Highlight MC Lacrosse Cleat, Nike Huarache 5 Lacrosse Cleat, Nike Huarache 5 Lacrosse Cleat - Thompson Water Pack TBL, Nike Huarache V Trophy Pack Lacrosse Cleat, and the New Balance Freeze LX Lacrosse Cleat. highlight_side_2_whiteua_highlight_black_side1 The UnderArmour Highlight MC Lacrosse Cleat: I believe the most distinct feature of these cleats is the height of the ankle support. the UA ClutchFit™ design goes up to about the middle of the calf providing more support that you can feel (kinda like a built in ankle brace). With a sport that has a lot of lateral movement, ankle support is a necessity. The Highlight MC Lacrosse Cleat also incorporates 4D Foam® footbed which allows the cleat to mold to your foot (kinda like a memory foam pillow for your feet). huaraches Nike Huarache 5 Lacrosse Cleat: Now this is the cleat that stuck a cord with the traditionalist in me. I've always been a "Nike guy" and these simple yet sleek color schemes appealed to me. Nike being Nike helps,regardless the fact that they are relatively new to the lacrosse scene. The synthetic leather bands are woven across the front of the cleat to provide a flexible, lightweight, and breathable shoe. These cleats were also among the first to incorporate spikes along the side of the sole for added traction on lateral movement. Huarache 5 cleat trophy-huaraches Limited Edition Nike Huarache 5 Lacrosse Cleats: Offer everything the Nike Huarache 5 Lacrosse Cleats do... but lets be real.. there's a reason why these are limited editions, they're sick! Thompson Water Pack TBL: The black leather design and the blue swoosh have an extremely symbolic meaning. The inspiration begind the design came from a lesson Jeremy Thompson learned from his father, "No matter what the obstacle water finds a way". Being the creator's game, Nike enlisted the help of the Thompson Trio to ensure the Native American culture remains prominent in our great sport. Trophy Pack: When you think of sophistication and elegance what comes to mind? Maybe something shiny and expensive like gold? Well these cleats were deigned to do just that. Modeled after the NCAA Division 1 Lacrosse championship trophy, these cleats are the pinnacle of the Huarache Series. nb-freeze New Balance Freeze LX Lacrosse Cleat: Drum-roll please....... Now introducing what I believe will be the freshest lacrosse cleat to hit the market. New Balance has been quietly investing a lot in the lacrosse industry. This, might be their first big step! After working closely with MLL pros such as Rob Pannel through the entire design process, they ensured that the Freeze LX will be one of the best performing lacrosse cleats to hit the market. The most distinguishable characteristic of these new babies are the additional spikes to the outside of the cleat. Much like the Nike Huaraches, the cleats on the outside of the sole provided better traction for cuts and dodges. However, unlike Nike, I believe New Balance had better strategic planning on where to put the spikes. I can't wait for these to release.. I've seen them, I've held them.. They're awesome.

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