New Balance Freeze LX Lacrosse Cleat

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Orders Over $99 Easy Returns Team Sales
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The New Balance Freeze LX Lacrosse Cleat is the first of it's kind from the New Balance Lacrosse line to enter the market. The Freeze LX Lacrosse Cleat is designed specifically to lend an advantage to the way a lacrosse player dodges, cuts and runs up and down the field. New Balance Lacrosse worked closely with Major League Lacrosse pros like Rob Pannel to ensure the Freeze LX would be the highest performing cleat in the sport of lacrosse. At a first glance you can see the Freeze LX delivers additional cleat spikes built into the outer edge of the cleat through New Balance's QuixRail technology. These additional spikes introduce increased traction and control with any hard dodge or split for that extra step on any Defenseman. The Freeze LX also brings unparalleled comfort, flexibility, stability and traction through its Dual-Density plate and uniform "bootie" design. The New Balance Freeze LX Lacrosse Cleat offers performance you can instantly feel that is unrivaled by any cleat before it.

- Dual Density Plate used to attach spikes to cleat creates the perfect balance between flexibility, stability and traction.

- "Bootie" design brings uniform ankle and foot support to any player

- QuixRail delivers cleat spikes designed to mirror angles used in lacrosse style cuts and dodges

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