Big Fish Makes Relatively Small Splash...

myles-jonesContrary to popular belief, sporting goods mogul Adidas has been involved with the sport of lacrosse since 2007... Yea, that's right. 2007. They've been relatively quiet in the lacrosse world since then. However, things started to change when the company announced the signing of the Major League Lacrosse's 2016 number one overall draft pick out of Duke, Myles Jones in August 2016 to endorse an entire new line of lacrosse equipment. Here's the thing... in Adidas' latest marketing campaign, Sports Needs Creators, they showcase athletes from virtually every sport... EXCEPT lacrosse! I mean they even have what appears to be flag football making an appearance. No disrespect, but c'mon man! If you're going to sign one of the biggest names in our sport to endorse your new products, at least put him in the ad! All that being said, maybe Adidas Lacrosse took a step in the right direction with their newest addition, the recently released Tracer T1L lacrosse shaft. The T1L from Adidas Lacrosse is engineered with "aerospace grade alloys" (maybe its strong enough to be used in space?) so it provides a good weight to strength ratio. The T1L comes in 30" and 60" and is available in 5 different colors!

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