The World of Performance Mesh

Lets face it, there's a lot of mesh out there; and when we ask customers how they want their stick strung, sometimes they get hung up on what exactly they want. We know, its a tough choice to pick what you want your stick to be strung with, especially when theres so many different mesh types competing in the market, all claiming they do pretty similar things. We figured we would help with the confusion and give a breakdown of the most popular performance meshes to date. Starting with StringKing, this brand has established a massive following because of the quality of their mesh and other products. They cut no corners during production so and their mesh and kits speak for themselves. Priced at 25 dollars for a mesh piece of 35 dollars for the whole kit, StringKing 3x and 3s offers nearly unparalleled consistency. 3x is their slightly harder mesh and 3s is their soft piece, the ladder of which I prefer. The 3s really hugs the ball and allows for an extremely smooth release when shooting or passing. We understand that this price point is a little high for an accessory, but StringKing is really some of the highest quality mesh pieces on the market today. We know that not everybody is looking to put 25 dollar mesh into their stick, so we recommend Hero Mesh to those people. Hero Mesh is produced by one of the most trusted mesh manufactures in the sport, East Coast Dyes. This mesh piece is priced at 20 dollars and a supplementary string kit is also available for another 10 dollars. Hero Mesh comes in two styles, semi soft or semi hard. Semi soft is what I prefer due to its ability to control the ball and its ease to string up, which makes a huge difference to me. A stick string up with the Hero Strings is a stick meant to last. The Hero Strings have a thick construction to them, ensuring they will never snap or rip the mesh. Hero Mesh strings up like a dream and is at a pretty attractive price point. Universal Lacrosse has been developing a new performance mesh that we think can change the game. GOAT Mesh is our new standard mesh. Thats right, a standard performance mesh. We are doing away with the hard mesh and the dura mesh and going straight for performance mesh. GOAT is like a mixture of StringKing 3s and Hero. The mesh itself is a semisoft construction that stretches like you wouldn't believe. The best part is, its only 15 dollars a piece. This is a great mesh piece at a better price. GOAT mesh strings up perfectly and at such a great price point why wouldn't you give it a test run? So hopefully that helped a little bit, but heres the breakdown... -StringKing= 3x semi hard and 3s is semi soft. Priced at 25 dollars a piece. Very consistent -Hero Semi Soft= is a more attractive price point and is made by trusted lacrosse brand. -GOAT Mesh= Most attractive price point, strings up easily, waterproof, durable, and lightweight.

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