EVO 5 - TOP 5 Reasons To Buy Warrior's Newest Head


The Evolution of the Evolution has outlasted every other saga we can think of… When Warrior first came out with the EVO it turned heads. Here we are over a decade later and the EVO 5 is still making its way onto the field being wielded at the highest levels of play by the most talented players in the world. The Evolution has stayed true to its name and been a head that has been upgraded through every new version launched.

Here are 5 Reasons to buy the Warrior EVO 5 for this season.

1. The classic EVO shape and offset. The EVO was one of the first heads to dial in a truly advantageous off set. It was noticed and appreciated immediately by players for this huge boost in performance. One word… #CLASSIC


2. “TILT TECH” is one of those ideas that you look at whoever is standing next to you, and tap them on the shoulder like, “DUH”… Warrior realizes that the pocket is where we make any stick into our own, with TILT TECH they have done us a solid. The stringing holes with tilt tech are angled in a fashion that allows the sidewall to sit comfortably and create a perfect pocket. This makes stringing tighter knots a breeze and also keeps your pocket secure creating a longer life for your pocket.

3. Sym Rail is another technology that people don’t 100% understand. Here is how we can break it down for you. Picture a structural wire - like what they use on buildings and bridges to hold material in the air. That twisted metal has some aesthetic features but it also increases the structural integrity of the grid. If a 1 by 4 piece of metal has enough weight put on it, eventually it will break. If you take that same piece of metal and twist it like a twizzler it disperses the burden as weight is put on it and can hold up longer. The angles of the plastic will also deflect direct blows by another stick to decrease the likelihood of breakage due to impact forces.

ev5xunwh_14. Head rattle has plagued offensive players who shoot with precision for years. The Lock Throat design adds a little weight to the head but combined with a screw can virtually eliminate any head rattle. If you are looking to tuck a shot right under the cross bar you can’t have your head moving on your shaft. Lock Throat makes sure if you miss… it’s on you.

5. The best reason to buy the Warrior EVO 5 is because its gorgeous. The detail work in the scoop and the sidewall make this head look like a piece of art as well as a cannon waiting to be set off. Take a look at the picture below. There is no science behind this but, I feel that if you look down at your stick and appreciate how clean it is you will just feel better with it. The EVO 5 is one of the cleanest designs of 2016. Well done Warrior.


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