Best Offensive Lacrosse Heads 2016

What are the best offensive lacrosse heads? That's a tough question to ask with so many different options now, but we are here to answer the question. This is our opinion on the 5 best offensive lacrosse heads in no particular order: 1.) Maverik Tactik - The Tactik might be my new favorite head in the market. Everything about it just screams awesome. It's laid back offset allows for an optimal release point while the XRail Technology lets the head be strong, but one of the lightest. I highly recommend giving this new head a look if you haven't yet. tactik-thumb_3 2.) Warrior Evo 4 X - It seems that the Evo has been around forever, and it has been for a reason. A head that is reliable for any offensive player just keeps getting an update to keep up with technology. The famous head is optimal for stringers because the Evo allows for an easy string job for any pocket. If you have been playing lacrosse for more then three years and have yet to try out the Evo, you've got to give it a look it deserves. evo-head-thumb_1 3.) Nike CEO - Known for its faceoff abilities, the CEO is more then just a faceoff head. This is the perfect head for any faceoff guy that wants a goal after he wins that faceoff. A faceoff head that retains its shape is hard to come by, that's why it is one of the fan favorites and one of my personal favorites as well. Universal 4.) Brine Clutch IV - Another head similar to the Evo, the Clutch has been around for a while too. Don't fix what's not broke. The Clutch was the head I finished up my high school career with and I can see why everyone loves it. Now with newer technology, the Vari-Flex technology allows the head to retain shape and avoid warp in extreme heat conditions. Another head I highly recommend if you haven't tried yet. clutch-iv-head-thumb 5.) STX Super Power + - The Super Power evolved from the Proton Power, yet another head that seems to have been around since lacrosse started. The head is still in the market for a reason, because it works, the Super Power allows for players to take charge of the field. With strategically placed stringing holes, this head strings up beautifully. spp-_ This is just our opinion on the 5 best offensive heads, sure there are a lot of heads that will work just fine on the field. These are just our personal favorites.

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