STX Surgeon 500 Gloves

IMG_8509 The Stallion HD, the Cell III, and now the Surgeon 500 glove! The guys over at STX have been working hard on hand protection, coming out with top of the line gloves on a consistent basis. The New Surgeon 500 gloves continue this streak and will attract a lot of attention from the lacrosse community. surgeon 500 glove banner STX boasts the palm on this glove, for it features a seamless construction design, creating great feel and feedback. In addition, it is made of Ax Suede for comfort and durability. Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 9.39.21 AM Your thumbs will love these gloves, as the Surgeon 500s debut STX's Iso Thumb Technology (patent pending). This technology provides natural feel and a complete 360 degree rotation. Also, there are carbon fiber-reinforced thumb blocks, along with compression pads at the base of the thumb, adding a whole other level of protection. surgeon 500 thumb <i> One of the most interesting attributes of this glove is the Climate Control feature. On hot days, the gloves utilize the ventilation on the back of the hand. For those early spring / late winter games, the internal access for a heat pack placement comes in handy! Thats right, they have included a space in the glove for a hand warmer or other source of heat so your hands don't freeze over in those january / february practices. surgeon 500 glove <i> Check them out at > > > IT'S ALL U < < <

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