EPOCH Lacrosse Hawk 382c Limited Edition

EPOCH Lacrosse has been making a big impact in the lacrosse world lately. First they brought their awesome shafts to the game and now they have introduced their first lacrosse head, the Hawk. The Hawk features some pretty cool things that really make this head stand out.
Epoch Hawk Optimal Performance
First it has a laid back profile which is a different kind of offset that keeps the ball right under the shooting strings. This provides you with increased hold and reduced whip for a perfect release point!
Epoch Hawk Perfect For A Higher Pocket
The Hawk is designed for the perfect mid/high-pocket. I’ve noticed lately that a lot of the top elite players have been using a higher pocket. It allows you to get off quick passes and can provide you with superior hold. I’m starting to think that with the elimination of the U shooter string players are starting to convert to a higher pocket to make up for it.
Epoch Hawk So Easy To String
The Dual Layer Architecture of the Hawk allows it to be lightweight and strong. The tech that went in to this head removes the unnecessary material and also reinforces the key structures. EPOCH just sent us something really special.
Epoch Hawk 382c Such A Beauty
They gave us a super limited version of the Hawk to test out. It’s the Hawk 382c Limited Edition. Only 382 of these heads were made so they are very scarce. They made such a small amount because the official Pantone and brand color of EPOCH Lacrosse is 382c. They wanted to commemorate they first head with their signature color and it looks awesome. This awesome package comes with the Hawk 382c, a limited edition signature ball, an EPOCH Lacrosse end-cap, and a screw so you can get this head on a shaft right away.
Epoch Hawk 382c Awesome Looks
I really like the looks of the 382c color. It really fits with the EPOCH line of products and looks amazing when it’s put on a Dragonfly shaft! You can get the EPOCH Hawk or the Dragonfly shafts at any Universal Lacrosse retail store or on our website at universallacrosse.com.

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