East Coast Carbon Limited Edition Stealth Shaft

I don’t know if you guys have heard but ECD is releasing the limited edition version of the Carbon Shaft for Black Friday this year. This is a “one time” shaft run of a limited qty. This would be a style advantage on your competition and is a great shaft for you. The style is all BLACK with carbon graphics. Its got an intimidating DARK SIDE look. This shaft weighs in at 176 grams and Universallacrosse.com will have a few of these in every store. We are going to be Shipping the East Coast Carbon Limited Edition Stealth Shaft for FREE! ECD’s React Technology and their Textured grip on the classic octagonal shape has made this a hot seller through this past summer. These Stealth shafts will only be available at a few retailers and we are pumped to get them in early so we can ship them out as soon as they are released! This trend towards composite shafts seems to be standing the test of time. I personally still use an alloy or “metal” shaft but all of these handles seem to be growing in popularity and there are some convincing stories on enhanced performance. I am not planning on challenging Zach Dorn anytime soon at 116MPG but I can use every advantage I can get! This shaft drops 11/28/14 on UniversalLacrosse.com.
Carbon limited Edition Shaft Limited Edition East Coast Dyes Carbon Shaft

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