Hammer500 limited edition shaft

It seems like everyone is dropping limited editions these days and some are more limited then others... This shaft is a white Hammer500 that Tucker Durkin (@tdurkin51) is personally releasing to just a few retailers. Team STX and TD are bringing 10-12 handles at each stop and it's a first come first serve situation. We are not permitted to put any of these on hold and there is NO PREORDER opportunity. We plan on having a packed house of lax enthusiasts. HERE IS OUR PLAN... If we have 10 handles at each stop we are going to sell the first 8 - FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. We are then going to give everyone who shows up PRIOR to the start a chance to WIN the lottery to purchase the remaining 2. This way, if you don't make it to the store first you still have a #longshot change to get one! We have some info below about this great product and don't forget it is available in Black all year long. It is a GREAT addition to the Hammer that you probably already have if you lay the lumber. Our favorite way to string up this weapon is 3 across for a smooth release. Its great on GB's and certainly leaves a lasting impression, on dodging offensive players arms. The HAMMER ON HAMMER 500 COMBO has been wreaking havoc all over his fall!

Have you ever seen TD drop the hammer?? Check out this video from his high school years... Come and check him out in person to see the bigger, faster, stronger, version of the monster in this video.


11/22 - Universal Lacrosse - Suffern, NY - 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm ET

12/14 - Universal Lacrosse - Raritan, NJ - 11:00 am - 3:00 pm ET

Come and Meet him @universallax ! Come and Meet him @universallax !
This is a good looking weapon This is a good looking weapon tech specs

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