STX Hammer 500 vs Hammer U

So as everyone is well aware of by now the new STX Hammer 500 is available for purchase tomorrow. With that being said there is also a lot of questions floating around about how is this version better then the previous Hammer U. There was a ton of reengineering by STX with this head and many improvements on the key features of the original. Hammer Thumb-01 Well we can start with the basics here, the sidewalls. The Hammer can always be easily identified on and off the field by its iconic 3 sidewall brace design. Its a look only recognized as STX and sets the Hammer apart from the rest. Well the 3 sidewall brace design isn't just for looks obviously, STX has recognized this to be one of the strongest functional designs possible for a lacrosse head. It offers key support in areas that are needed when playing with a long pole. Such as the scoop, with the added stress of a long pole pushing down on a head while going for a ground ball for example. The original Hammer U offered newly found support where other heads had failed and was a big improvement. STX recognized this and retuned the STX Hammer 500 to have one of the stiffest scoops in the game. A majority of this strength came from the redesign of the 3 sidewall brace. stx-hammer-500-unstrung-lacrosse-head-7 While we are on topic with the scoop, STX also added Speed Scoop technology to the STX Hammer 500. This is the first head offered by STX to have this technology and will surely not be the last. Speed Scoop technology offers players a huge advantage with ground balls. The scoop is redesigned to tuck away top strings and create a "ramp" for scooping. This allows the head to glide over field and turf for effortless ground balls. No more getting caught up or snagging a surface while going for a ground ball. scoop The last major improvement of the STX Hammer 500 would be the added Strike Plate on the top corners of the head. Just where the sidewall meet the scoop STX added an extra brace specifically for laying tough checks. Its a small feature but it shows STX's dedication to making this a defensive machine. STX_Detail_M_Heads_Hammer500_11736 STX also included upgraded C-Channel technology for increased stiffness and durability throughout the head. Overall you can see that there are some major improvements in the new STX Hammer 500 over the previous Hammer U. Play with dominance this season with the STX Hammer 500.

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