Crux 500 Still Standing Strong

Crux 500 Colors So Many Colors
It’s no surprise that the STX Crux 500 is one of the most popular women’s lacrosse heads out there. But what is surprising is that it has held its popularity for so long. Ever since it’s release earlier this year the Crux 500 has reigned supreme and it doesn’t look like it is going to step down from the throne anytime soon. One of the main features of the Crux 500 is the new Launch Pocket. This pocket stretches out with the ball so you can get more control and accuracy with your passes and catches. With it’s pointed scoop your shoots will be on point because it helps channel the ball out as you release it in your throwing motion. The head is also very strong and extremely light so you don’t have to worry about it breaking on you anytime soon.
All Colors Shipping NOW! All Colors Shipping NOW!
All of the shaft options available with this head are amazing but my personal favorite is the Crux 500 handle. It is extremely lightweight but also very durable. It has a rubberized texture that helps give you extra grip and control on your stick. And honestly it just looks so SICK when combined with any of the Crux 500 head color options.
Crux 500 Handle Crux 500 HandleStock Composite Handle
Stock Composite Handle Over the recent Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend we saw that almost anyone who was in the market for a new women’s lacrosse stick chose the Crux 500, whether it was with the stock composite shaft or an upgrade to the Crux 500 shaft. We now have all available color ways of the Crux 500 in stock so no matter which one you prefer you can easily get it at or in any of our retail stores. The Crux 500 is a perfect fit for any lady laxer and is a great holiday present. Don’t pass up on this opportunity to play with some of the best equipment that has ever been made! It's All U

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