Holidays come and go, but there are always a few lacrosse gifts that any player will love, and Universal Lacrosse has got you covered! Here is a list of what we think are some of the best gifts you could get for any lacrosse player. First up, Helmets! With all the confusion that has going on with this NOCSAE helmet situation, it’s hard to decide what helmet to get as a gift. By purchasing the Helmet Card you are getting a $250 dollar credit that you can use once you decide on which helmet is right! It’s a great thing to give if you aren’t able to make a helmet decision in time for the holidays. 1_2 A great product that I definitely love is the Warrior Mini Lacrosse Pop Up Set. It is a great thing to have to keep the kids entertained and playing when they aren't on the field. It's extremely portable so you can take it anywhere. From backyards to tailgates this is a great gift to give! miniset_ One of my favorite ULC gifts is the SWEET Under Armour Bucket Hat. I know it might be a little cold to rock this kind of gear but once that sun comes out you'll be glad you got it. tan_bucket_back_1 Lacrosse players are always trying to improve their shot speed. One of the only ways to track any improvements of that speed are with the Speed Track X RADAR Gun. It is a great and portable gift for any player wanting to get better! speed-track-x-radar-gun_1_3 The newest, and extremely popular, item on our gift list is the new STX Stallion 500 Lacrosse Helmet. This helmet was just released by STX and is one of the most protective pieces of equipment available. It is extremely customizable, so you can get it to your liking and have it match any team or school colors! rightsize_stallion There are plenty of other great gifts available on and at all of the Universal Lacrosse retail stores. Come take a look today! Happy Holidays! It’s All U

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