The Wizard Has Returned

OG WIZARD It seems that this winter is the season of comebacks. First Warrior put out that the OG Blade is returning for a limited time and now Gait has released that the Wizard is resurfacing as well. The OG Wizard is one of Gait's best selling head to date and with good reason. This thing is pretty much unbreakable. It's a perfect head for any d-pole or LSM. The Gait Wizard is made to be a ground ball machine! It has a very wide and flat scoop so you can charge into any ground ball war knowing that you have to advantage. Because this head is so strong it carries a little bit of weight. In my opinion thats not necessarily a bad thing, especially for any defensemen. When you have to throw those hard checks on a dodging attackman you need a little weight to help get your point across. We are very excited to see the Wizard make a comeback. Most heads just aren't made like this anymore. You can find the OG Gait Wizard for only $59.00 on Another AWESOME part about the Wizard making a comeback is that we are offering you a discounted piece of premium mesh with your order! You can choose from ECD, $ Mesh, and StringKing for a RIDICULOUSLY low price! Why wouldn't you take advantage of that?? We don't know how long the Wizard is going to be around so be sure to not miss this opportunity to play with one of the greatest heads ever made! It's All U

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