Box vs Field

What’s The Difference Between Box and Field Lacrosse? There is one obvious between box and field lacrosse. Box is usually played indoors while field is almost always outside. Besides that there are also a couple more key differences. A big one is the size of the field. In box lacrosse you play in what is usually a converted hockey rink or something similar. It’s a lot smaller than a standard outdoor field and also the rinks walls are in play. This makes everything more congested and fast paced for a completely different game style. The pieces of equipment that the box players use are also different as well. The sticks, helmets, pads, and even the player’s jerseys are different from field lacrosse. Let’s start with the sticks. In box lacrosse the players tend to use a more pinched head. This helps them hold on to the ball better in the tight situations that are so common in box lacrosse. Also the stringing styles they use are primarily designed to give them more hold on usually less whip so they can keep the ball nice and tight and still be able to get off really quick passes. The shafts they use are normally a little on the heavy side because they need them to be more durable due to all the hard checks they throw and have to endure. Helmets and Padding. The helmets that are used in box lacrosse are completely different than field lacrosse. They use Hockey helmets with a box lacrosse facemask. Different from a field helmet, like a Cascade R or Warrior Regulator, these helmets are shaped smaller around the head so they are a little lighter. The field of vision with these helmets is slightly greater as well which is great since box is played in such compact conditions. Unknown cascade-M11-hockey-helmet-box-lacrosse2 The padding in box is a lot bulkier the field. Cross-checks are legal so everyone wears ribs pads for extra protection. The players generally all wear larger arm guards as well to keep them safe. STX has a great box pad line called the Cell X. Since you play on carpet turf in box lacrosse the players wear basketball shoes for better grip since cleats are not allowed. The jerseys the players wear are similar to hockey jerseys where they go down the full length of the arms. watch_nll_med_medium I played in a winter box lacrosse league in NYC a couple years ago and I instantly fell in love with it. It was a crazy transition to go from a college level field team to playing in a hockey rink. The pace of play really shocked me and it was a nice new look on our awesome sport. If you ever have the chance to play some box I would definitely recommend it!

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