FOGO Shaft

Are you your team's go to face-off man? If so then you need to check out this sick new shaft!
We just got our hands on the new Dragonfly Gen.5 F30 made by Epoch Lacrosse. Like the rest of the Epoch shafts the F30 features their Flex technology that allows it to bend where you need it too but still maintain the firmness you want.
Whats really cool and unique about the F30 is that it has two different geometries, meaning it has two different shapes! The top portion of the shaft has a tear-drop like shape similar to some goalie shafts called the MOTOGrip. The idea behind this is so that your upper hand can be more secure when you lock in for the face-off.
The bottom of the shaft is Epoch's traditional concave shape so you will have a familiar feel once you win the draw and are ready to pass or shoot. The top portion of the shaft is also a bright green color that contrasts from your gloves and your lacrosse head.
The F30 has a great sandpaper like texture that helps give you more grip and control on the shaft too.
When I first heard about the F30 I didn't know what to expect. The two different shapes had me questioning if I would like this shaft or not, but the second I got it in my hands I instantly knew how I felt. This thing is INCREDIBLE. My hands felt so secure and locked in position almost instantly. I would definitely recommend the F30 to any face-off specialist!
Here is a quick video provided by EPOCH Lacrosse showing off their Dragonfly F30:
info provided by EPOCH Lacrosse

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