Have You Heard Of The New StringKing Mesh?

StringKing Performance Mesh Type 2: Be Bold For the past week or so StringKing Lacrosse has been creating some serious buzz with their upcoming release of the new Type 2 mesh. If you follow them on Instagram (@stringkinglacrosse) you can see all the little teaser images they’ve been posting over the past week, and let me tell you, it’s got me all hyped up! sk-logo-web Now that the Type 2 series is releasing in a few days (November 6, 2014) we finally have all of are questions answered. We spoke to the guys over at StringKing asking about the new product and they were glad to help us out. Here’s what they have to say: “As the next generation of StringKing Performance Mesh, we engineered Type 2 to be lighter, tighter and stronger than it’s Type 1 predecessor. We also developed a way to give it some serious color without sacrificing performance. Most manufacturers color their mesh by dipping it in dye after it’s been made. The problem with this method is that it creates inconsistencies in the mesh that affect the performance of your pocket. To address this issue, we developed a way to add color that starts at the source. Instead of dying our mesh pieces as a final step in the manufacturing process, we add pigments to the raw materials that ultimately become our mesh fibers. We then use the colored fibers to weave the mesh itself. Adding color pigments at the beginning of the process not only eliminates the inconsistencies associated with traditionally dyed mesh, but also gives our Type 2 a bolder, more vibrant color. We’re very excited to offer Performance Mesh Type 2 in 8 new colors (as well as original white), so that everyone, from MLL players to those new to the game, can add personality to their pocket without sacrificing performance. “ -StingKing Lacrosse B1O1B3VCYAIzh9w.jpg-large If you weren’t excited about this before, you definitely should be now. I can’t wait to get my hands on the Type 2 and test it out! I was already a huge fan of StringKing so there is no doubt in my mind that the Type 2 will be just as awesome as the Type 1. Type 2 will be available at all Universal Lacrosse retail stores as well as online at universsallacrosse.com on the day of its release this Thursday (11/6/2014). Be sure to come in and check out this awesome new mesh!

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