Lacrosse Socks

Lacrosse is one of those rare sports that exceeds past just being a game. It’s a lifestyle. It carries over to how up hold ourselves as human beings and how we interact with one another. One of the biggest aspects of the lacrosse lifestyle is the clothing style. We’ve all seen the crazy shorts, bright colors, and long hair, but these are all just fads that seem to come and go. The one TRUE foundation of a laxer’s style is the Mid-Calf Sock game. For years lacrosse players have been keeping their ankles warm and looking fresh while doing so. universal-lacrosse-ulc-socks-white-pink_4 Mid-Calves carried over from basketball and half been around for a very long time. I can’t really give a solid explanation as to why everyone, including myself, wears these socks, but I do know one thing. Once you make the switch, it’s hard to go back. Before I played lacrosse I hated having a pair of socks that went higher than my shoes, I just thought that it looked weird. But the first time I laced up my cleats with a fresh pair of Nike Mid-Calves I knew it was the right way to go. Now even when I’m not on the field I am always rocking a fresh pair. roy_lime Us here at Universal Lacrosse know that to play your best you need to be comfortable on the field and a nice pair of socks helps put the icing on the cake. We have our own SICK line of socks that are perfect for any player in any situation.
ulcsock3pack_ ULC 3 Pack Is A GREAT DEAL!!
These socks come in a bunch of different colors and fit almost anybody. They are light weight and very breathable making them some of the most comfortable foot-sleeves you could own. We know that Nike reigns supreme so you can still count on Universal Lacrosse to keep you covered but I wouldn’t pass up on our AWESOME socks especially at such a great cost! IT’S ALL U

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