Best Sales in Lacrosse for Cyber Monday

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 8.47.57 AM If you are like most shoppers you are thinking to yourself. "I don't really need anything but if its a great deal I might splurge" All weekend we decided to prowl the internet and find all the best deals. There were a few 20% off sales with restrictions out there and if you were shopping for any best sellers you would not have had much luck looking for a huge blanket discount. The best sales we found were: 1. Monkey- 20% off site wide (not including best sellers or "mapped items" If you were looking for the new exciting STX Duel head or the BladeOGX or other product in that category you would end up missing a discount. 2. $1.00 hard mesh stringing- Cool if you are into hard mesh. 3. LU- 20% off "everything" which means about half of everything because mapped items are not included 4. (you didn't think i was going to leave us out, did you?!) We are giving away a FREE gift with the purchase of ANY head and free shipping 5. Our CYBER Monday sections also has some stellar mark downs that you don't need a promo code on. We like to pick items that we love and put them on sale rather then only showcase stuff you are not looking for. Top Sellers This Black Friday: 1. STX Duel head and Duel Shaft 2. Gift cards 3. Nike Huarache Cleats 4. Gait Project G Shaft 5. #TBL Stick Print

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