Print The Thompsons have easily become one the most recognizable families in lacrosse along side the Gaits and Powells. Their heritage, skill level, and flare have helped them step in to the spot light and straight up take it over. Whether you're talking about collegiate or professional, the Thompsons are holding down the fort as a force to be reckoned with. Nike Lacrosse solidified their legendary status even further by signing the Thompson brothers and releasing a SICK limited edition version of the new Huarache 5 cleat and turf in what is called the "Water Pack." But they haven't stopped there. Print Drawing inspiration from the Water Pack, TBL and Nike have helped us bring the New #TBLStick to you. In a VERY LIMITED color way the TBLStick consists of: Limited Edition Nike Lakota U, TBL Nike Vapor Elite, and what we are calling the HINZPocket custom string job. Let me break down each part of the Thompson Brothers Lacrosse Stick so you can see every piece of awesome in this stick. 1. The Head. This Nike Lakota U features a slick black color with electric blue highlights in the Nike Swoosh as well as the ball stop. The Lakota U has been on of the most popular heads available for years now, and that's no mistake. With a reinforced lower sidewall this head carries the durability needed by any elite level player. Print 2. The Shaft. The Nike Vapor Elite Shaft has been the leader in Nike's shafts due to it's lightweight strength. Featuring a slightly pinched octagonal shape and a mild sandblasted finish, the Vapor Elite gives you good control of your stick. The Limited Edition included in the TBLStick has an exclusive color way that you can't get anywhere else. At first look you see the same electric blue highlights found in the head BUT at a closer look you can see much more. at the bottom of the shaft is the ghosted TBL logo that gives the shaft an identity. My favorite part about this shaft is the on the upper portion. Ghosted along the top of the shaft is what resembles the braid that all the Thompson wear with bride. It ties in the families Native American heritage to the stick and really brings it all together. 1 square-01 3. The Pocket. What would a stick be without an awesome pocket? The TBLStick rocks an AUTHENTIC TBL string job that is absolutely amazing! We're calling it the HINZPocket due to the unique Hinz Thompson "drop top" topstring. This pocket not only looks sick but performs great as well. Having a smooth release and good amount of hold, this stick is strung legal for all levels of play and is ready to rock the instant you get your hands on it. Print Limited edition releases are always exciting, but the TBLStick is something special. Not only do you get a special color way and string job, but you can get something that has been inspired by the people that are responsible for giving us the sport of lacrosse in the first place. tblarrive These sticks are a work of art and won't be around for long so don't miss your chance to pick up something that will go down as once of the SICKEST things to hit our shelves! GET YOURS THIS BLACK FRIDAY 11/25/15 IT'S ALL U

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