Epoch Hawk Lacrosse Head

sequelbeautyil1_10_ Epoch Lacrosse has become one of the go to lacrosse companies when it comes to composite lacrosse shafts. They took a step even further when their Otter Mesh released and again when the dropped the Epoch Hawk Lacrosse Head. Epoch is now pushing the boundaries one more time with the release of the Epoch Hawk Sequel Lacrosse Head. sqlbeauty-01 The Sequel is bringing a lot to the table when it comes to performance. Made for speed, power, and control this head is a major improvement from it's already successful predecessor. The design of the Hawk Sequel feature a "laid-back" profile that makes it perfect for a higher to mid pocket, but with a maximum amount of stringing holes you can still put in any kind of pocket you want. The bottom rail also aids in the stringing process making it simple to install multiple pocket types. sqlfrontrightstrung-01

The scoop of the Sequel has also been upgraded. Now that more and more teams are playing on artificial and natural turf fields, Epoch made the scoop of this head ergonomically ideal for those conditions. It is made to help maximize the contact the head has with the ground while picking up a ground ball. This little add in makes the ground ball battles crazy easy.

The Epoch Hawk Sequel isn't shipping until December 12th, but you can pre-order yours now by clicking RIGHT HERE.


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