Best Offensive Lacrosse Heads - Summer 2015

Every season we see different groups of lax equipment stand out from the others. Right now I want to focus on some offensive lacrosse heads that are doing just that and why. Once summer finally rolls around every year you can tell that players are finally settling into their set ups. The seasons over so everyone’s twig is in tune and they know what the like at this point of the year. Here’s a list of some of the heads that have been sitting on top of the charts all summer long. 1. Nike CEO: whtceo_ The Nike CEO has not only been DOMINARTING the face-off X but also the full offensive end of the field as well. Having a perfect amount of flex combined with a narrow face, the CEO is great for the pinch and pop as well as popping some corners too. 2. Maverik Trio – Metrik, Optik, Centrik: Maverik Trio We’ve talked about the Maverik Trio a couple times by now, and that’s because they are still kicking. The Maverik Metrik was Maverik’s first BIG breakthrough in head technology. With a great face shape and weight to strength ratio, this head is great for any offensive player. IMG_3961 The Maverik Optik has a great, slight, but gradual flare that makes this head the perfect tool for any dodging midfielder or snipping attackman. Having an incredible amount of sidewall holes allows you to put any kind of pocket in this bad boy. Also being pretty stiff for an offensive head makes sure that the Maverik Optik can take some beatings. IMG_3960 And finally the latest installment to the Maverik Trio; the Maverik Centrik. The Centrik only came out a few weeks ago and we are already seeing this AWESOME head take over. Being slightly wider and a little more stiff than the Optik, the Centrik is more geared towards the midfield position. Again having a lot of stringing options lets you get the pocket that is perfect for you. IMG_3958 3. Brine King:
A Shooter's DREAM A Shooter's DREAM
The King landed a few months ago and too the game by storm. Brine minimized the plastic in certain areas while still keeping this head incredibly strong. The narrow face of the King gives you great ball control so you will be able to handle the rock in any tight situation. The way the head is molded gives you what is called a “Natural Channel” meaning that you will have a great channel in this head no matter what kind of pocket you string up, 4. Nike Lakota: lakotahswht_ Nike’s all time leading lacrosse head, the Lakota. The perfect balance of strength and weight as well as an amazing face shape gives you one of the best offensive weapons available today. You’d be amazed with the amount of ballers out there that rock this awesome head. From sharp shooters to deadly feeders, the Nike Lakota is one of the most popular heads I have ever seen! You can check out all these heads and more at any Universal Lacrosse retail store or by heading over to! IT’S ALL U

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