9 Lacrosse Products Your Game Needs Right Now

Wondering what your game has been missing this summer? Looking for something to add to your artillery? Look no further and check out the 9 products picked for the 2015 Summer Must-Haves. ECD Hero Mesh NEW East Coast Dyes Hero Mesh - White The revolutionary mesh from the guys that brought you the extremely popular wax mesh. Now Lighter and stronger than ever, Hero Mesh is a waxless and weather proof piece of mesh. ECD Butt End Cap ecd butt end black One of the lacrosse industry’s most famous logo on a butt end cap. Warrior Coxswain Warrior Coxswain - UNC The most comfortable shoe for anything from post-games to chilling on the beach. The Coxswain crosses comfort tech with the classiest boat shoe finish. The Yacht Club-ready look hides a ridiculously easy-to-wear bungee fitting and collapsible heel for slip-on simplicity. Bucket Hat Made with a light weight and breathable material, these ULC Bucket Hats will keep your head nice and shaded with our over heating. USA Tee Fully sublimated dye performance teeshirt with a patriotic design. ECD Hero Strings New East Coast Dyes HeroStrings - White HeroStrings are engineered with performance in mind. The sidewall strings are tightly woven with LockTec technology and will not loosen or lose tension, while the shooters are soft yet durable for a smooth, accurate release. The shooting nylons have a similar feel as the shooters, but are thinner and stiffer for a snappy release. BowNet Barrier Never chase those missed shots again. We all know that missing the goal and loosing all of your lacrosse balls can be one of the biggest pains to deal with. You won't have to worry about that ever again with this back up net. Ball Bucket Never run out of balls in your backyard shooting session! Sisu Aero Mouth Guard Designed for Athletes that need to communicate, the SISU Aero is Lightweight and Ultra Thin. The cool thing about these mouth guards is that they come completely flat! You mold them around your teeth so that you ensure a perfect and comfortable fit. Check them all out at universallacrosse.com > > > IT'S ALL U < < <

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