Best Offensive Lacrosse Heads: Part 2

Here we are again with the second installment of what Universal Lacrosse thinks are the best offensive lacrosse heads available today! With this information we hope that your choice in picking your next twig will be that much easier! So lets jump right back into it. Warrior Rabil 2: The Warrior Rabil 2 is now lighter and stiffer than it’s predecessor. It is not as pinched which is probably a good thing since an issue with the original Rabil head is that since it was so pinched originally it became illegal pretty quickly. Now that Warrior has solved that problem the Rabil 2 is one of the greatest heads out there. It has a shorter face shape, which allows for a quicker release on your passes and shots. Warrior used their new Symrail Twist technology in the sidewalls, which basically twist the plastic in the mold making it denser and stronger without adding any additional weight. The Rabil 2 is available in both high school and college specs.
True Offset for MAXIMUM Control True Offset for MAXIMUM Control
Warrior Evo 4: The Warrior Evo has been around for a very long time and they only get better and better with each new release. The Evo 4 is the latest installment to this legacy and it does not disappoint. Warrior’s Symrail technology makes the heads interior match the exterior, which reduces weight while keeping its stiffness. This head has one of the best strength to weight ratios that I have seen on any lacrosse head. The Evo 4 has a Maximum Offset that gives you perfect pocket depth and great ball control so you can always be on point. Available in both high school and college specs, the Evo 4 is perfect for any offensive player looking to take the next step.
Evo 4 Features Symrail Technology
STX Proton Power OG: The Original Proton Power is one of the best heads I have ever seen or used. It is incredibly easy to string and is great for any kind of pocket you can think of. It has a “key-hole” like face shape with a floating ball stop for reduced weight. It has a little bit of flex, which makes it great for face-offs as well. It’s nice and light so it won’t weigh you down when you need to get those quick shots and passes of in a hurry. I like to string it with a nice high/mid pocket so I’m able to get my passes off right away. This head is not legal for college play.
Classics Never Get Old Classics Never Get Old
STX Proton Power 2: The STX Proton Power 2 is the upgraded version of the original. Now featuring STX’s C Channel technology, the Proton Power 2 is more durable but still nice and light. This version has an incredible amount of sidewall holes making it so easy for any stringer to string their perfect pocket.
Better Than Ever Better Than Ever
These heads are some of the best heads that any offensive player could ever want. With any of these choices you will definitely have the technical advantage on the field! IT'S All YOU

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