Cascade R-M

With all the commotion over the recent NOCSAE helmet situation everyone was concerned with what they were going to do with their Cascade R’s. Cascade has quickly worked with NOCSAE to resolve the big problem. Here as some of the most frequently asked questions that we have received about the new helmet modification: Q: “How do I get my helmet recertified?” A: In order to get your Cascade R helmet up to playing regulations all you have to do is register your helmet online at Next they will send you a prepaid shipping label so you can send them your helmet to get it modified. Cascade will return it to you as soon as the process is completed. Q: “What are they doing to the helmet to make it legal to play?” A: The modification that goes into making your R legal to play is the insertion of additional poron xrd foam padding. This additional padding does not make you helmet really feel any different but it does make it fit more like a brand new helmet would. All you need to do is break it in a little bit to get you to your comfort level. Q: “How long will it take for me to get my helmet back?” A: The whole modification process doesn’t take long at all. We’ve been seeing results, through instagram and twitter, that people are getting theirs helmets back as quickly as four days after Cascade receives it. Cascade says that it could take up to two weeks, however. You shouldn’t have any worry about not getting your helmet back in time to play this upcoming season. Q: “Does getting my helmet ready to play cost me anything?” A: There is no charge to what so ever. Cascade takes care of all shipping costs and the modification itself won’t cost you anything. Here is what Cascade has said about the new modification process: “Cascade is happy to inform you that the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) has partially reinstated Cascade’s license to produce new Cascade R helmets. As previously communicated, we earlier reached an agreement with NOCSAE on a solution to modify existing R helmets, the implementation of which is currently underway at our Liverpool, N.Y. facility. These modified helmets are NOCSAE-certified. We will begin manufacturing new Cascade R helmets on January 5. While we encourage you to resume actively marketing and selling this model, we caution you that there is a backlog of Cascade R helmet orders. Until we satisfy these existing orders, we will be unable to offer our customary 48-hour turnaround time. We are making every effort to enhance our manufacturing capacity to resolve this backlog and will promptly notify you when our 48-hour turnaround offering resumes. We continue to review test results for all other helmet models to ensure they meet both Cascade and NOCSAE standards. We expect that our NOCSAE license will be fully reinstated to allow for the resumed production of all other Cascade models upon demonstrating that the certification of these models is supported by requisite testing data. Cascade will continue to market the helmet under the Cascade R name, but for NOCSAE certification purposes, both modified and new helmets will be treated as a new model, identified as the Cascade R-M. A tamper-resistant sticker will be placed on both modified and new helmets to differentiate them from non-certified Cascade R models. Thank you again for your patience during this time. We will continue to provide you with updated information as soon as it becomes available. Tim Ellsworth” The newly modified helmets are going to be called the Cascade R-M so coaches, players, game officials, and parents know exactly what is legal and not legal to play with. All modified helmets will have a certification sticker on them so one could easily see if the helmet has been through the modification process. Even though it might seem a hassle to have to send out your helmet it is a really quick and simple process to get you back on the field with full protection. Us here at Universal Lacrosse are extremely impressed with how quickly Cascade has worked to solve this issue. They really stepped up and worked this solution out as fast as possible so you can get back to field with no worries. See below image of a returned R helmet. The sticker is your infield PROOF. (photocred- Battlegroundlax on IG)
Photo cascade R with nocsae sticker NOCSAE sticker from Cascade

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