Rage Cage

Now that the holidays are behind us it should be time to turn your focus on one of the most important parts of the year. The Lacrosse Season. In just a few short months many players will be gearing up and headed into pre-season. Hopefully everyone has been putting in extra work over the off-season to get ready. But if not you still have some time. Besides your fitness, one of the most important things to improve on over the off-season is your stick skills. This doesn’t just include passing and catching but shooting as well. I know that finding a place to shoot, or even a goal, isn’t always that simple but us here at universallacrosse.com may just have a solution to that problem Rage Cage features a series of portable goals that are perfect for any play level. They are all extremely easy to set up and are incredibly portable! Three of their featured products are the B100-XT, CLUB-SX, and the PRO. Each goal is collapsible so you can literally take it anywhere you want. The B100-XT is perfect for the younger players. It comes pre-strung with a 3mm net and is great for backyards.
B100-SX B100-SX
The CLUB-SX comes ready to go with a 4mm net already attached. This goal is designed for college practices or any play level below. Weighing at 55lbs the CLUB-SX folds and unfolds in a matter of seconds.
The PRO goal meets NCAA regulations and is legal for college play. This goal comes pre-strung with a 5mm net and comes with ProTraction Feet for indoor use! Coming in at 75lbs this goal is perfect for any serious competition.
Being a dangerous shooter is one of the best attributes any offensive player could have so why not hone your skills in anywhere you want with one Rage Cage’s AWESOME and portable goals! IT'S ALL U

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