Best Middie Lacrosse Heads for 2017


Top 5 Best Middie Heads

The midfielder (or middie) demands a head that can do it all on the field from offense to defense. There are many lacrosse heads that can specifically handle offense or defense extremely well, but only a few that can dominate both. If you are looking for a new elite two way middie head; here is our recommended guide for the best middie heads of 2017. #1- STX Stallion 700 #1- STX Stallion 700 The STX Stallion 700 lacrosse head took the midfield by storm this season with all new features geared towards the elite two way middie. The Stallion 700 offers the seemingly perfect balance of offensive precision and defensive power along with some impressive new features. STX included their newly developed Speed Scoop with the Stallion 700, offering quick and effortless ground balls through a specially rounded scoop creating less drag while scooping. Midfielders love this new Speed Scoop because it is 100% effective and simply helps win possessions. The redesigned sidewall brace builds on the iconic Stallion design but with a 25% increase in stiffness while shaving off an extra 5% in overall weight. The increased stiffness can immediately be felt and creates a more durable head for defense while remaining super light for offense. C-Channel technology is utilized to distribute stress along the sidewalls of the Stallion 700 providing an overall increase in strength and stability. Aside from the increased performance traits, the Stallion 700 also received a big face lift from previous versions with a new aggressive styling. STX did an amazing job by adding new textures and coring out excess weight making the Stallion 700 really stand above the rest. Lastly, and possibly our favorite feature is the new ergonomic throat design. The new throat design provides a noticeably better grip and gets your hands closer to the ball while one handed cradling or dodging for added control. Top to bottom the Stallion 700 is a winner for any two way player looking for the complete performance package. Shop-Now
#2- Maverik Tactik #2- Maverik Tactik Maverik set the bar high with the release of the Tactik for middies looking for the optimal two way head. The Tactik offers a stiff profile with the ideal face shape for playing both sides of the field. Maverik really did a good job of balancing this head with a great pinch and offset for offensive precision. Maverik included a new optimal release point with the Tactik for increased control and hold. Not only is this great for handling the ball on a clear it also maintains a high level energy transfer when passing and shooting for offense. For even more added control the Tactik uses a Level 3 Bottom Rail design specifically for a mid pocket. Aside from the clear offensive performance, the Tactik is as durable as they come with an enhanced sidewall profile featuring Maverik's new X-Rail Technology. This new feature helps distribute stress to the opposite rail bringing a lightweight and stiff profile to the Tactik. Constructed in the USA with Maverik's new Duratough material, this head offers a durability and weather resistance that is hard to match. The Tactik lends it's self to both sides of the field effortlessly and has quickly become a favorite amongst top tier middies. If you are looking for a two way middie head that can dominate the offensive side of the field like an attack head but dish it out like the defensive guys, this is a great option for you. Shop-Now
#3- Nike Lakota U #3- Nike Lakota U The Nike Lakota U quickly rose to the top upon its release 2 years ago and continues to dominate amongst newly released heads while remaining unchanged. It will be hard to find a midfielder that wouldn't be able to enjoy using a Lakota because it simply works. Nike did an amazing job with keeping the Lakota U ultra light-weight at 4.8 oz while keeping a super stiff profile. Nike's light-weight design paired with the Lakota U's narrow pinch makes it a perfect match for the offensive middie. Nike designed the bottom rail specifically for a midhigh pocket making it an ideal set up for shooters during transition. The Lakota U's short throat design is an overlooked performance feature ideal for middies carrying the ball through both sides of the field. The short throat offers more control with a closer hand placement that let's dodge with confidence through clears. The Lakota U has been a solid choice for midfielders who can play both sides but look for that extra offensive advantage. If you are looking for a middie head that is light weight, durable and stings corners then this is the head for you. Shop-Now
#4- Maverik Centrik #4- Maverik Centrik The Maverik Centrik is meant for an elite player looking to play both sides of the field and to do it all. The Centrik is arguably Maverik's most versatile head by design, making it perfect for any type of middie. The Centrik offers true two way performance for midfielders with dominating offensive power and impressive durability. Featuring a pinched throat and narrow face shape the Centrik is a great option for midfielders looking to run with the ball. The Centrik's level 4 bottom rail creates a perfect midhigh pocket for increased ball control and shot velocity on offense. Finely tuned pockets come easy with the Centrik's 17 sidewall holes also making it a stringers dream. Aside from the offensive updates, Maverik's new 3 strut sidewall design balances weight and stress throughout the head helping increase overall strength. This new sidewall was also engineered to reduce weight through strategic coring of excess material. Maverik really did a good job of keeping the Centrik so well balanced for midfielders. It is hard to find a head that is so simple and effective which is why it is seen all over the field. If you are looking for a head that is an overall work horse on the field like you, then the Centrik is a great option. Shop-Now
#5- Nike CEO The Nike CEO not only dominates the face-off X but also can be used on the offensive end of the field as well. Having a perfect amount of flex combined with a narrow face, the CEO is great for the pinch and pop as well as sniping some corners too. This head is extremely versatile and a favorite of midfielders at every level. The CEO provides a wide upper face shape for eating up passes on a tight feed while also having a narrow throat for great control over the ball. This face shape also offers one of the best channels there is in lacrosse and provides extreme accuracy. It's consistency for passing and shooting is what lends itself to the midfielder who loves to control the ball. The CEO utilizes a simple design that hasn't been touched in years because of it's extreme popularity. This head is Nike's masterpiece and has been at the top of our best seller list for years. If your in the market for a head that has been trusted by middies for years and offers some added offensive precision, the CEO is a perfect option for you. Shop-Now
Overall, the formula remained the same for heads that dominate the midfield; offensive precision and defensive capability. A two way head truly needs to do it all in todays fast pace game where transitions and line swaps cost goals. It is always interesting to see what technologies from offense and defense melt into the perfect head for midfield. We hope this list was able to point you in the direction for a two way head that fits your style. If not, be sure to check out our full offering of lacrosse heads or shop by your favorite brand with Universal Lacrosse!

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