Best Attack Lacrosse Heads for 2017


Top 5 Attack Heads

Every year brings a new array of attack heads to the arsenal of offensive players across the country looking for that next edge. We are continually blown away by the new innovative technologies by manufactures with their lacrosse heads. This year was no different with possibly the most competitive assortment of elite offensive attack heads to choose from. So without any further ado, here is our list and guide of the best attack heads for 2017. #1- Maverik Kinetic kinetik The Kinetik head is the newest release coming from Maverik and has become an instant favorite amongst elite attack-men. The Kinetik offers a complete package for offensive players with a design geared to increase shot power and accuracy. A new aggressive face shape paired with Maverik's new Tension Lock technology delivers unmatched power and accuracy previously never seen in an attack head. The Kinetik's Tension Lock creates a defined and accurate channel by stretching the first few mesh diamond rows to the outside of the pocket. Incredibly accurate and consistent pockets come easy to the Kinetik with a noticeable increase in performance. This head's offensive ability is enhanced even further with the new Optimal Release Point, brining increased ball velocity through added hold for extreme energy transfer through your shot. Maverik kept the Kinetik extremely light weight at just 4.8 oz but remains extremely stiff with X-Rail and Dura Tough Technology. Overall, the Kinetik is an extremely impressive offering from Maverik and has already proven it's self as the favorite head for attack with it's accuracy, power, durability and extreme light-weight design. If your an attack-man in the market for some extra power and precision with your shot, this is a perfect head for you. Shop-Now
#2- ECD Mirage mirage The ECD Mirage quickly became one of the most popular heads for the elite offense players upon its release. ECD designed the Mirage to offer the ideal offensive package for the attack position with superior string-ability, weight, face shape and offset. The Mirage is perfect for any stringer looking to tie up their dream pocket with our favorite face shape and bottom rail combination. The Mirage takes to a mid to mid-low pocket making it ideal for powerfully accurate passing and shooting. ECD designed the Mirage to be extremely lightweight while keeping a durable and stiff profile for added power and increased consistency. ECD utilized a new durable UV resistant plastic for the Mirage designed specifically for lacrosse because of it's durable performance characteristics. This is a head that took the offensive side of the field by storm for so many reasons. It is no surprise that the Mirage has been seen at every level of play from youth to pros and continues to be a favorite at every level. Bottom line - If your looking for an accurate lightweight head with extreme string-ability, the Mirage is an amazing choice for you.


#3- STX Surgeon 700 surgeon-700-thumb STX absolutely knocked the Surgeon 700 out of the park, pulling out all the stops with several newly developed pieces of technology. First and foremost you will notice an extremely well thought-out and executed scoop with 3 major performance features. The Surgeon 700’s new Speed Scoop allows for effortless ground balls while the cored-out front creates a massive weight reduction. STX also introduced Channel Lock technology with the scoop on the Surgeon 700 through a new 7th top string hole for added stringing capability. This Channel Lock technology allows stringers to pull an even tighter channel all the way through the scoop's center for increased accuracy. An improved sidewall design brings a new Suspension Rail running through the middle of the sidewall for even more added pocket options. The Surgeon 700 can be strung with almost any pocket type through these new features making it an ideal option for any player's style. One of our favorite new features on the Surgeon 700 is the totally redesigned and shortened ergonomic throat. STX was able to shorten the throat by using a throat plug with two external screws to create a secure fit from the inside of the shaft. This new ergonomic throat brings a new level of control and comfort to the Surgeon 700 making it perfect for attack-men who love one handed cradling. If you're the type of offensive player always with your stick in one hand, then this a head you will absolutely love. Shop-Now
#4- Warrior Evo 5 evo-5_1 Continuing Warrior's greatest line of heads, the Evo 5 is the latest and greatest with some awesome new changes from it's predecessors. The first upgrade many noticed was stringing related, a new Tilt-Tech string hole design to help improve pocket tension bringing a tighter channel and better ball release to your game. The Evo 5 was designed to hold a mid to mid-low pocket for added ball control with a quick, snappy release every attack-man will love. Warrior's Loc-Throat technology was also introduced to the Evo 5 for a firmer shaft connection that won't rattle after taking a few heavy checks. The Evo 5 still uses Warrior's Symrail technology to bring a more symmetrical sidewall structure to this head while still reducing weight and increasing overall strength. The Evo 5 also upgraded to an amazing scoop that lends it's self well to the elite attack man for easy ground balls with consistent passing and shooting. One of the more unchanged but favorite features of the Evo 5 is the iconic face shape and offset that has been the staple for the performance with the best attack-men over the last 10 years. As one of the longest lasting head lines, the Evo 5 did not disappoint and is truly an extremely well rounded offering from Warrior. If your an attack-man who looks for an overall elite offensive weapon that lends it's self to any style of play, this definitely a great option.


#5- Under Armour Command Low low-thumb Last but not least is Under Armour's Command Low head which quickly took the field by storm. Under Armour has totally revamped their head offerings to compete with the highest level lacrosse heads on the market, and this head was definitely a winner. Weighing in at just 4.9 ounces with it's full offset and perfect pinch, the Command Low is a complete offensive weapon. The Command Low uses a lower bottom rail to create the perfect mid-low pocket ideal for craft dodging from the X or one handed vertical cradling. Under Armour also included their Glide+ scoop that delivers effortless ground balls on turf or grass for keeping those key possessions. A great addition to the Command Low from previous Under Armour heads is it's added sidewall holes and its finely tuned bottom rail, possibly the best we've seen for one handed cradling. Overall, the Command Low is a perfect attack head for offensive players that dodge from the X or love the aggressive one handed cradle.


It was an incredible year with some of the biggest improvements for performance technology with attack heads we have ever seen. We hope this was if nothing else, a guide for the best attack head to fit your style of play. If you didn't find exactly what you were looking for be sure to check out our full offering of lacrosse heads or shop by your favorite brand to dial in your game Universal Lacrosse!

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