Best Lacrosse Corner Targets for 2018

Top 3 Lacrosse Corner Targets for 2018

When it comes to shooting practice in lacrosse, there aren't many tools more useful then the corner target. Allowing players to dial in their shot with maximum accuracy the corner target can be the difference between pipe and net. It's a simple concept but its practiced at every level from youth lacrosse to elite collegial programs and beyond. With that being said - What targets are the best for practicing your shot with? Here are our favorite 3 lacrosse corner targets for 2018!!

1) ECD Corner Target

The ECD Corner Target simply works - Ultra light weight and super durable with a new rubber design that locks on to any cage with its secure elastic fastening system. This target takes a new approach to durability using a strong & flexible rubber that can handle even the hardest shots all day long. it is also a breeze to move around to different corners with an elastic quick release that takes just seconds to reattach. The bright blue target also makes for easy sighting when practicing shooting on the run. Shop-Now

2) Sniper Sports Target

The Sniper Sports Target is a great option featuring a solid metal construction with a rugged clamping system. This target is beefy but can stand up to any shooter and automatically reloads for the next man up with a self centering spring. This spring also eliminates the shot energy on impact causing the ball to fall straight to the ground rather then ricochet. The clamping system on this target can work with any goal using spacers and is sure fit securely where ever you place the target. Oddly enough one of our favorite features of this target is the "pipe like" sound this target makes when hit. Shop-Now

3) Maverik Corner Target

The OG target that every player to pick up a stick has shot on. Simple and effective. This is a great option at the price point and even comes with two targets! The Maverik Corner target also utilizes quick release bungies to secure the target to the corners. One of the only limiting down flaws to these targets is they must be placed in the top right and left corners due to their design which is not a big deal for anyone looking to focus on accuracy. Shop-Now Overall, theres a corner target here that is sure to fit every players needs from the power shooter to the pin point sniper. When it comes to working on your shot there just simply isn't a more effective tool outside of shot mechanics to help with shooting. Whether your a coach, player or parent the corner target is a must for taking your game to the next level!

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