New Competition at 2018 FIL World Lacrosse Championship

Until our great game makes it back into the pinnacle of sports, The Olympics, we celebrate international growth and competition through the Federation of International Lacrosse's World Championship. Every 4 years, teams from all across the world converge to celebrate lacrosse and represent their country and heritage! For those soccer fans, its pretty much our World Cup! International lacrosse continues to grow rather quickly at all levels of play and at every age. Last world championships in 2014, Uganda Lacrosse was introduced to the scene! Team Uganda brought this unparalleled passion and charisma to Denver, Colorado with help from Fields of Growth and the Lacrosse Volunteer Corps. The Cranes even obtained a few important sponsorship deals with organizations like ReLax Collections and Warrior Lacrosse along the way. Well, Fields of Growth looks to do the same with another emerging lacrosse country next summer in Israel. Back in 2013, I had the privilege of traveling with Fields of Growth to help establish Lacrosse and the passion to improve lives through athletics in Jamaica. And in just 4 short years, the JLA has already set their sights on the FIL World Games! During my time in Kingston, Jamaica I was exposed to the infectious positivity and acceptance of our sport and their desire to excel; so for me personally, this is astonishing; not surprising. Last Saturday, August 18th, I had the privilege of traveling to Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to help conduct the first ever national team tryouts for the Jamaica Lacrosse Association (JLA). No need to rub your eyes, you read that correctly! The JLA is putting a diaspora team together for the 2018 games! The 24 man roaster will include a mix of island born nationals and eligible heritage players from around the world. The tryout attracted the likes of former Albany standout Dwayne Stewart and former 2x captain of the Syracuse Orange, Hakeem Lecky. The goal of this diaspora team is to cultivate interest, attention, and credibility for the JLA in hopes of having a 100% national born player team in the near future. Let me reiterate... I am astonished, not surprised. The passion, charisma,, enthusiasm and overall acceptance by the Jamaican people has expedited the growth of lacrosse on the island much faster than anyone could have imagined. And I am beyond proud and excited to see how far the organization has come and how much further they can go!

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