ECD Corner Target

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Orders Over $99 Easy Returns Team Sales
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The ECD Corner Target allows even the hardest offensive shooters in lacrosse to practice shooting all day long with it's ultra durable design. Unlike other shooting targets, the ECD Corner Target doesn’t use easily ripped netting or materials by using a new superior design. East Coast Dyes did an amazing job engineering this Corner Target to last by using a strong, flexible, rubber material that holds up to even the hardest shots. The ECD Corner Target is easily attached to any lacrosse goal with a secure elastic fastening system, which can also be released and moved to a new corner in seconds. Featuring a vibrant blue color, this Corner Target can be easily sighted for quick shot placement while practicing shooting on the run. Practicing your shot has never been easier or more effective than with the ECD Corner Target. 

- New design featuring no netting or cloth material for increased durability.

- Strong and flexible rubber material withstands even the hardest shots effortlessly. 

- Vibrant blue color creates quick target recognition for improved accuracy training while practicing.

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