Beginner Laxers

For new lacrosse players choosing equipment can be difficult. Our best advice is buy equipment for today, not next year. Our staff volunteers at “little sticks” programs all over the Tri-state areas and we see players from 1st grade all the way through 7th grade starting the sport. The natural response for young boys and girls who don’t catch on quick is to quickly say that they don’t like it. There are a few great tips to keep your new lacrosse player enjoying their first lacrosse experience. stx15cell100sp3p-main_ What equipment or “starter package” should I get for new lacrosse players?
  • The most important thing is that your pads fit well. Shoulder pads have a ton of adjustability so don’t worry about those. Gloves must fit well and same goes for arm pads. If gloves and arm pads are too big they will slide down making it difficult to handle the stick. Many parents make the mistake of sizing their new player for multiple years and while we feel room for growth is a good thing, you have to be careful. The cascade helmets these days are easily adjustable for all head sizes and you want to make sure that it fits snug and does not rattle around.
  • Youth lacrosse starter packages for boys can range from $170-$250 and for girls from $55-$110
stx15st10a-main_ What pieces of equipment should I upgrade?
  • If there is a better helmet that you are trying on we always recommend this. Most concussions don’t happen from impacts with force to other players but impacts to the ground and you can never be too safe. Only boys wear helmets on the field. The other very important piece to having a successful first day on the field is the “lacrosse stick.” Both boys and girls can have a nice advantage if their stick is strung with a good pocket. The pocket is the mesh and strings inside the plastic head. This allows the ball to catch and throw with ease if done correctly.
If you are still not sure where to start or would like to have a conversation with one of our professionals please contact us at any of our retail stores or by calling the Universal Lacrosse Customer Service line. We are ambassadors of the game and are always very happy to assist helping get another player on the field! IT'S ALL U

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