To Wax or Not To Wax

A few years ago when wax mesh came out everyone was curious and a hard line was drawn in the sand. Those who were ready for a premium mesh and those who were going to keep it old school. Since the launch of the first wax mesh companies like East Coast Dyes, Jimalax, StringKing and others have all come out with some amazing new products that all have their strengths and weaknesses whether they use wax or not. Rather then tell you what I think you should be using I am going to just spill some knowledge on what I have learned over the past few years. PROS AND CONS OF PERFORMANCE MESH WAX MESH ecm-limited-edition-striker-mesh-head_3 PROS: * * Break in time is super quick * * One color fades, stripes and other designs are easy to get and look great * * After initial break in time this mesh hits the sweet spot and stays there for a long time. Previously the issue was mesh took a long time to break in then it was perfect for a few weeks then started “bagging out” and before you know it you need a re-string. * * Grip on the ball with this mesh is great. The wax holds a lacrosse ball like no other mesh ** Once a channel is formed it will stay that way * * Wax mesh is great in the rain and unlike most other mesh your release will not change significantly. This could easily be the difference in a turnover during an important game in the rain. i6n5 CONS: * In the cold weather this mesh can get very stiff. * It is roughly twice the cost of regular mesh * When you string it, it might peal off a bit and get on your hands. There are a ton of other ways wax mesh affects your game. As a lacrosse enthusiast I am a fan of wax mesh for a lot of players. It is not for everyone but you don’t’ know until you try it. The idea of a premium piece of mesh 10 years ago was unheard of. With all the mesh advancements in the last few years we anticipate more accurate shots, better ball control and a higher level of play. Universal Lacrosse tips our hat to all the mesh innovators out there!

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