@universallax #Snapchat PLUS #MATTERICE99PHASE2

Huge day over here at the warehouse... Our boy Hulk Hoban pumping out gems all day at a stringing station. @Universallax Snapchat goes live and we launch Phase 2 of the #matterice99 deal... Snapchat is going to give everyone an idea of how we make the miracles happen. Big shoutout to the crew over @eastcoastdyes for the love in their snapchat about the #matterice99phase2. We are just as excited as they are. We basically took this already awesome deal and now added 1 color fades into the equation. We know that a lot of our customer love white on white on whites but sometimes a little flavor is needed. We are now offering one color fades in Royal, Volt, Red, and Black. Get them while they are hot at Universallacrosse.com
Our GO2 Stringer at the Universallax warehouse shows his face in our Snapchat story today. He is a HUGE fan of our stringing station. When you see that video we show you one of our best kept secretes. Without giving you to many hints just imagine this... Cut and burn your strings with one swipe... We are also running a giveaway today. Help us spread the word and post the below picture on your Instagram page with the TAG #MATTERICE99PHASE2 and get a chance to win one of these complete sticks.
We also put out a sneak peek of something that we know all of our lax enthusiasts are going to love. #staytuned to learn how to end up with one...
Big news "ON A TUESDAY" for @universallax. Enjoy!

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