New Thompson Brothers Limited Edition Water Pack Nike Cleat and Turf

In True Nike Fashion a group of high level high school players both male and female get flown out to campus every year to partake in something NIKE calls “The RIDE” The selection process for this event is super secret and the experience is AMAZING. Nike has shown us here at Universal lacrosse the gear, the training, and the guest appearance list for this year and it looks UNREAL! It is Day 3 of the 2015 Ride today and last night they dropped a BOMB via Instagram. THE_RIDE_LOGO_original The “Water Pack” by Nike is a turning point for Lacrosse Footwear. The Huarache 1-4 were all top notch cleats but this limited edition is finally giving the TLC that lacrosse footwear deserves. I don’t know about y’all but we take a close look at some high end NIKE footwear and we have been waiting for someone to start working on high-end exclusive footwear for our sport. The Water Pack includes a cleat and turf edition. Below are pictures that we collected from IG last night: Nike_Lacrosse_Water_Pack_H5_HERO_hd_1600 Nike_Lacrosse_Water_Pack_H5_DET_02_hd_1600Nike_Lacrosse_Water_Pack_H5_DET_04_hd_1600 Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 9.57.44 AM waterpack This new design includes a lacrosse cleat and turf shoe. They provide a little more ankle support than the huarache 4, as it is designed with a high top cut. It seems to keep the ventilation system and tongue design from the previous model. The look of the cleat changes to the weaved design that allows the cleat to better form to your foot. This interlace design is found in many of Nike’s training shoes: Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 10.30.56 AM The arrival of this new cleat and turf is a beautiful addition to the history of Nike Lax Footwear. Not only that, but it also sets a new standard for the Lacrosse Footwear industry—providing lacrosse players with quality footwear specific for the sport. Lacrosse players need something in a cleat/turf that no football or soccer cleat can fulfill. This is why this high quality line of lacrosse footwear is so significant: Nike is giving the lacrosse industry what it needs and deserves. Stay tuned to @universallax and for more information on the new Nike lacrosse footwear! > > > IT’S ALL U < < <

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