2016 Top 5 Lacrosse Heads

With 2016 coming to a close, we figured we would look back and go over our Top 5 lacrosse heads that came out this year. Although there were many great heads that came out, we believe these five heads are just a little above the rest and could dominate sales as well as tear it up on the field. So here is our top 5: 5.) Warrior Regulator MAX The Warrior Regulator MAX is a perfect head for defensemen. With added reinforcements and new SYMRAIL technology, you can throw some heavy checks and the head will keep its shape. SYMRAIL is a symmetrical sidewall design allowing the inside of the sidewall to mimic the outside, thus reducing the weight of the head, but keeping its stiffness for those checks and tough ground balls. This is the ideal head you want to go with if you are a defender. 4.) Brine Dictator The Brine Dictator comes in two different styles, the regular one is made with a flexible material for technical face offs and the ST is made with a stiffer material to out muscle your opponent. No matter what kind of face off guy you are, you cannot go wrong with this head, everything about it is designed for face off specialists. Whether it is the technology to give you the perfect pinch, or the decreased offset for better hand placement, or the strengthened throat design, this head will give you an advantage over your opponent. 3.) EPOCH Hawk Prequel Being the third elite lacrosse head in the EPOCH line up, the Hawk Prequel was mathematically designed to be one of the most superior heads in the market, let alone 2016. This head was made with composite injected polymer that allows the head to be very durable and with Level 3 FlexiQ, the Hawk Prequel is also extremely stiff. With its unique offset, stringing this head is very easy and is set up to make a perfect Zone 3 Mid-pocket that can get you the deepest pocket allowed by NCAA Specs. This is a great all around head for midfielders or attackmen. https://youtu.be/KbFKtErZiCo 2.) East Coast Dyes Mirage Coming from a company that produces some of the best products in the lacrosse market, there is no surprise that their head, the ECD Mirage, is another hot seller. This head is perfect for anyone who loves stringing, it is designed for stringers to be able to string it how ever they want, with whatever pocket style they want, with ease. The Mirage is engineered with superior strength but also eliminated excess material to give it its lightness. A perfect head for any offensive player trying to score some goals and rip some nets. https://youtu.be/SL_HeIz_wfU 1.) Maverik Tactik Coming in at number one is the Maverik Tactik. Maverik created a new optimal release point that brings added control with increased hold while creating extreme energy transfers when passing and shooting. Another new technological feature is the X-Rail design that redistributes stress and impact energy throughout the head to give it a light, but stiff profile. This is also a stringers dream of a head because of its bottom rail that allows for a perfect mid-pocket. This is what we think is the best head that came out in 2016 and if you have not checked it out yet, you definitely should. https://youtu.be/Jr3I3OXxw8s

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