Get to Know: Shootout for Soldiers

Shootout For Soldiers Did you know... Since its inception in 2012, Shootout for Soldiers (SFS) has raised more than $1.5 million?! But what exactly is Shootout For Soldiers you ask? Its a 24-hour "lax-a-thon" to raise money for those who have served our country proudly. Proceeds from each event are distributed to partnering organizations that benefit those who have served and the families of the fallen. The final score is a culmination of 24 separate 1-hour games between two teams; The Stars and The Stripes. Shootout For Soldiers held their inaugural event in June of 2012 with only a men's game, and they haven't looked back since... The second year saw the addition of women's lacrosse; so now 2 simultaneous 24-hour games were being played. Year 3 introduced a whole new set of obstacles for the SFS crew. They added another location in Long Island and the inclusion of wheelchair lacrosse teams, adaptive lacrosse teams, and teams comprised of college and pro lacrosse players! The 4th year SFS had operations in three more cities; Boston, Columbus, and San Diego; that's now five total cities. The year 2016 had 8 events across the country; Atlanta, Houston, Denver, and Dana Point all joined the effort as host cities. In that year alone, SFS raised over $460,000!!!!! Which now brings us to present day... SFS founder, Tyler Steinhardt attributed the event's exponential growth to the "patriotic fervor in the lacrosse community". Shootout for Soldiers now has a total of 12 cities lined up to host events (they had 80 new applicant cities!). Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, California, Canandaigua, Colorado, Hudson Valley, Long Island, Philadelphia, Ohio Texas, and Utah are all set to host event is 2017. If they were able to raise more than $400,000 for 8 locations, who knows... maybe they can raise $1 million in a single year.. One can hope right??? Image result for shootout for soldiers

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