Bill Belichick Foundation and STX Fund Lax Teams in Need

belichick As stated in one of my previous blogs... Bill Belichick, the head coach of the New England Patriots, is an avid lacrosse enthusiast! All three of his children have somewhat followed in their father's footsteps and played collegiate lacrosse as well. Growing up in Annapolis, MD lacrosse is in Bill's blood. And anyone who has played the great game knows how uniquely passionate we are about seeing the game grow. Coach Belichick is no exception, He still loves the game and is going above and beyond to help it grow. This past summer, The Bill Belichick Foundation (BBF) was a driving force behind the construction of Uganda's first lacrosse field. After months and months of hard work with limited resources, construction took place and the Bill Belichick Field was erected. Now... It is not as elaborate as you might think, but a playable lacrosse field in Uganda is a pretty big deal nonetheless. Well, now the BBF has teamed up with STX Lacrosse to provide $20,000 worth of new, safe equipment for teams in need! The goal of this partnership between the BBF and STX is to make lacrosse more accessible to the growing population of America’s youth players. “We are proud to partner with STX to provide new lacrosse gear to underserved youth teams looking take their programing to the next level,” said Coach Belichick. “We also hope this will take the burden of expensive gear off the parents and provide additional resources for coaches so more kids can be on the field at once,” he added. Boys’ teams will be awarded with helmets, gloves, shoulder pads, arm pads and sticks; while girls’ teams will be gifted goggles and sticks. This includes head-to-toe STX equipment for 25 players for each grant-winning team for the upcoming 2017 season. As a New York Jets fan it pains me to say... I respect and maybe even admire the effort Coach Belichick has put forth to grow the game.

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