Where is the ECD Mirage?

mirage-live-launch-page Probably one of the biggest questions floating around #ecdnation; Where is the Mirage head East Coast Dyes teased at this years LaxCon? It's been pretty much radio silence since the LaxCon goers had a chance to check out the first head to be released by the guys at East Coast Dyes. This past weekend at the OCMD tournament the ECD crew suited up for some summer ball and was rumored to have a few Mirage heads with them. Even still there haven't been many pictures surfacing which leaves us wondering, when will we finally be able to see the Mirage? IMG_0124 East Coast Dyes has always been known for their top notch stringing supplies and elite pockets designed by none other then ECD Greg along with countless gear reviews. With so much attention to detail over the years with stringing up the best pockets on almost every head in the market, you have to imagine the Mirage will be a stringers dream. Greg hinted to the Mirage having superior stringability in an early interview at LaxCon with stringing being a high level of focus during development. Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 1.02.18 PM Our guess is with the guys at East Coast Dyes building an entire company on mesh and stringing, the Mirage will definitely bring some unseen elite level pockets to the game. ECD Greg usually prefers the mid to mid-high pocket so we assume the Mirage will be built for that type of pocket. What technologies East Coast Dyes brings from other popular heads on the market will also be integrated to the mirage for overall stiffness and performance. In short we are anxiously awaiting the East Coast Dyes Mirage and cannot wait to see how it turns out. The East Coast Dyes crew led by Greg have always been students of the game and as with the rest of their products put an enormous amount research and design into their final product. We just cant wait to check it out!

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