Casey Powell Retires from Lacrosse

Upon taking the field Saturday June, 30th 2016, Casey Powell played his final home lacrosse game for Major League Lacrosse. Arguable one of the most influential icons in the sport of lacrosse will be leaving behind a legacy that will be close to impossible to follow. Casey Powell is one of the most decorative lacrosse players to play the game by winning almost award and accolade there is in the sport. cp cuse The Syracuse Alum started his rise to fame very quickly while playing for the Orange. Winning a National Championship and being a three time 1st Team All-American. After College, Casey had been drafted to the MLL and has won three Championships in his career. To go along with that, he had crowned many awards to go along with the most points scored in MLL history. cp video game Casey Powell was not only a lacrosse idol on the field, but off the field as well. He has and is doing everything possible to keep the game of lacrosse going. From starting the Casey Powell World Lacrosse Foundation to help grow and preserve the culture of the sport to becoming an assistant coach next year (for Jacksonville University) to making his own lacrosse video game, very few will be able to come close to what Casey has done for the game. Although he will be missed on the field, his actions will be seen off the field as he continues to do everything he can for the love of the game.

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