Warrior Warp Summer Tour 2017

This summer, Warrior is launching a new summer tour promoting their new and improved Warp products. They released two new series of Warps recently, the Warp Pro and the Warp Next. The former has an updated pocket design, making it lighter and a more aesthetically pleasing than its previous model, while still allowing the consistency that all the Warp users love. The Warp Next is oriented more towards the beginner player who wants to start to use the Warp. At a lower price point, it offers a similar pocket design but looks and handles more like the original Warp. They have redesigned the kevlar sidewalls to make them more durable and even lighter allowing for the same throwing mechanics on every pass. The Warp Next comes as a complete stick offering a lightweight and strong shaft that will accompany the head nicely. WAR17EWNISA17-main warp-pro-thumb As for Universal's role in this tour? We will be setting up a Warp station at various camps and tournaments that will allow laxers to try out the Warp sticks either for our shooting competition, or if they like it enough they can rent it for a game. Just keep your eyes out for the massive black inflatable shooting cage where you can participate. There will be some shooting targets set up where participators can get to test out the full capabilities of the Warp.

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