Lehigh Lax Fest

With one of the biggest summer lacrosse tournaments of the year on the Northeast coming up, you already know Universal Lacrosse is coming with all the big guns. Summer time is always when a lot of releases come out, so be sure to stop by and check them out. Ladies first... the Crux 600 was just released during the Final 4 and is better then ever. 10 degree technology, speed scoop and a redesigned launch pocket II helps with ball control, extra feel, easier ground balls and better overall durability. STX Crux 600 Complete Stick Next we'll be bringing the all new Warp Pro. Available in two different whip options for different styles of play. With a new varying diamond pattern to go along with raised shooters, the Warp Pro brings a better feel and smoother release. Warrior Evo Warp Pro Lacrosse Head Finally, we have two Universal Lacrosse exclusive products, the USA chinstrap and the Limited Edition Integra shaft. Universal Lacrosse has introduced the new USA themed chinstrap during Memorial Day weekend and will keep the theme rolling all summer. An accessory that will give you maximum tilt and elevated swag. USA Lacrosse Chin Strap The Limited Edition Integra is the latest and greatest product out of the Dragonfly line. With uniform release point, the shaft maximizes passing and shooting energy by creating a natural kick-point right above the hand placement. Also, the Integra has a sweet color scheme going with the Carolina blue, unique compared to their usual highlighter green. EPOCH Dragonfly LE Integra C60 Lacrosse Shaft Universal Lacrosse will be posted up at Lehigh this weekend (6/10-11) and the following (6/17-18) for both the young guys and older players. Be sure to stop by and check out the new releases as well as our limited edition and exclusive products.

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