Warrior Rabil 2X Limited Edition Gold Series Lacrosse Head

This awesome surprise just rolled through my desk this morning and I just had to share it with all of my fellow lacrosse enthusiasts. Warrior just announced the NEW Special Edition Gold Series Rabil 2X. This AWESOME collector’s package comes with a exclusive black Rabil 2X with what Warrior describes as a 23K gold jewel on the throat, a piece of Super Premium Crystaline Mesh, and a personally autographed ball by Paul Rabil himself. The packaging on this sweet lacrosse head looks absolutely sick. The flash and flare on every part of this package will make you feel like absolute lacrosse royalty. Royalty in this case comes at a high price. This head is going to hit our stores and universallacrosse.com at $200. They say limited edition products are always more valuable and I guess that leaves us with one question. “What is the price of Royalty?” Available November 15th! Snapped a few of these pics below. Enjoy. rabil gold2 rabil gold If I was in the market for a head, I don't think I would pass this one up.

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