Warrior Continues to Revolutionize Lacrosse

Revolutionary for 25 Years

For over 25 years Dave Morrow and his company Warrior have pushed the limits and tested the boundaries of the sport of lacrosse. Today's equipment has been loosely adapted from the original equipment used since the creation of the sport. A stick, a head and string or mesh to create a pocket to catch and hold the ball has been the means for over 300 years. With this comes the constant responsibility to maintain and keep your pocket at the perfect tension, stiffness and size. In Dave Morrow's eyes this creates inefficiency and a knowledge gap between players who know how to upkeep their pockets and players or newcomers who have no idea at all about how to properly maintain their pocket. Watching Warrior's video, Dave mentions this disparity as the only difference between Lacrosse and other sports played in large masses. Sports such as soccer and basketball the only product maintenance is making sure the balls have enough air in them. As well as hockey where players only need to worry about taping their stick.

A Better Vision for the Sport

To solve this inequity Morrow and Warrior have worked to create a product that inherently has its intended performance and feel right out of the box. The next step in lacrosse pockets are the Warrior Warp heads. The Warrior Warp lineup is the first to include a built in, pre-strung, no maintenance pocket into a lacrosse head. They are all ready to use right after screwing it onto a shaft. Not only have these heads been a smart buy for newcomers and novice players because of its simplicity and care free playability. Its also been a success with professional lacrosse players. Warrior has teamed up with MLL stars such as Paul Rabil and Tucker Durkin as well as others to test and get their reactions on this new technology. The pros have unanimously said that not only is the Warp lineup a group of great products but also the future of the sport. Dave Morrow takes this to heart as one of his main objectives with this idea is to grow the game and share it with others who would have otherwise been timid to pick up a stick. The entire Warrior Warp lineup is available for purchase at Universallacrosse.com

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