STX Releases Highly Anticipated Ultra Power and Exult 600

In the midst of the final four winding down for women's and men's college lacrosse, two new products were released in the middle of the Final Four frenzy from STX for both sides of the game.

Introducing the Ultra Power

STX Ultra Power Lacrosse Head For the men, the brand new Ultra Power Lacrosse head was unveiled, showing off the company's new patent pending sidewall profile. The Ultra Power takes inspiration from the sport of Jai alai which uses a distinct head like glove that can accelerate the speed of the ball when thrown to over 150 mph. With this in mind, STX decided to create their Power Ramp technology to try and capture the speed reached in Jai alai. While speed was a priority for the design, control was also extremely important which is why STX created a deeper offset to the head for added control and feel for the ball in the pocket. The Ultra Power is available in black and white. Watch:

The New Exult 600

STX introduced the Exult 600 Lacrosse head for women. The Exult 600 is packed with new tech and added durability. This new head includes STX's C-Channel technology which adds reinforced performance with an impressive strength to weight ratio. Also new 10 degree technology allows for the ball to move to the pocket's sweet spot for incredible control and feel. Lastly STX implemented their speed scoop technology for the Exult 600. This allows for player to quickly scoop the ball from the ground without worrying about breaking the stick. The Exult 600 is available in two colors, black and white. Watch: Both heads deliver new and groundbreaking technology from STX. Each give elite players the necessary tools to excel and compete at the highest level. Both products are available for purchase at

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