Utah to add D1 Lacrosse Program

With rumors circling around University of Utah, it seems that there will in fact be a new team joining the D1 lacrosse level. School officials have not yet confirmed anything, but apparently there is already a plan in place to start up a lacrosse team for the University of Utah. This could be a huge deal for the college lacrosse world. If the Utes successfully make a program and do well, this will hopefully start a trend in the PAC-12 that more Western teams will follow. utah Most of us already know that lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports as of now. As more and more younger kids starting to pick it up from an early age, more and more high school players are going to want to play in college. Adding lacrosse programs to schools in the West will only help everyone out, by allowing players to fulfill their dream of playing lacrosse in College and Colleges and Universities attracting more attention. marquette If you look at a school like Marquette, they started a lacrosse program in 2013, and now, in 2016, they were Big East Champions and made an NCAA Tournament appearance. With the success that Marquette had, it will only help Colleges and Universities lean towards starting a program for their school. ncaa lax If all goes well, the Utah Utes will be new D1 lacrosse organization for the upcoming season. Hopefully we will see more and more teams, not only in the West, but around the Country start adding lacrosse programs to their schools.

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