Epoch's Dragonfly 7 Gets Some Color

technoDF7 Epoch Lacrosse dropped another bombshell earlier this week yet again! They announced the addition of the techno-color editions of their Dragonfly 7 C30 shafts. Epoch first gave the Dragonfly 7 C30 a touch of flare with their limited edition white shaft; in my opinion, the revamped techno-color scheme provides the C30 with a sleek look. Unlike the techno-colored Gen6 Dragonflies, which were entire colored shafts, the Gen7 edition has their iconic matte checkered pattern at the bottom of the stick with the techno-colors accenting the top portion of the stick. All Gen7 techno-color Dragonfly 7s are forged with Epoch's new 12k carbon fiber weave which makes it one of the lightest, and strongest carbon sticks on the market! The classic concave shape of the shaft and the improved Torque Box 2 technology also add durability to the sticks structural integrity. Express yourself, show off your team pride! Pick up one of these awesome Epoch Lacrosse techno-colored Dragonfly 7s at your nearest Universal Lacrosse location or shop online at UniversalLacrosse.com.

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