USA Lacrosse Mens Training Team

The US Mens Lacrosse team recently held the first round of tryouts to select their team that will compete in the 2018 Federation of Lacrosse Men's World Championships in Israel, July 2018. Just based off the tryout alone, Head Coach John Danowski's eyes lit up. “It was beyond what my expectations were in terms of their effort, their energy, their collaborativeness, cheering for one another. It’s really hard to do. There’s a part of you that says, ‘Man, I want that guy to fail’ because it’s a tryout. These guys weren’t like that. You didn’t see any of that. It was truly an inspiring experience for me.“ download There are many returning members to this USA roster, but there are also a lot of new faces. Some familiar faces on the offensive end are Paul Rabil, Marcus Holman, and Rob Pannell. Still backing them up on defense are Michael Evans, Drew Adams, and Jesse Bernhardt. Some of the new faces on offense are Dylan Molloy, Connor Kelly, and Jordan Wolf. The new guys on the back-end are BJ Grill, Tim Muller, and Liam Byrnes. USMNT Tryouts Tuesday ©2017 / John Strohsacker For Editorial use by USLacrosse External use needs to be cleared through photographer The US will take this training roster with them Labor Day Weekend, when they hold camp in Maryland before participating in the Team USA Fall Classic October 6-9.

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