Top Attack Heads of 2018

Every year lacrosse heads get more advanced. We've complied a list of the top attack heads of 2018 to make all the new science and technology seem a lot less complicated. Here at Universal, we took a look at all the top heads and ran our tests. Attack is a position where you can succeed in many ways. You can be a feeder, inside finisher, outside shooter, or creator. It is important to find the right head that will help amplify how you like to play the game. This is our list for the top attack heads of 2018. Not an attackmen? We have a list for the top overall heads, as well as, a list for top midfield and defense heads.

Top 5 Attack Heads of 2018

#1 - Maverik Kinetik

No surprise here that the Maverik Kinetik sits atop our list. Since release, the Kinetik has been a force to be reckon with at the attack position. The Maverik Kinetik has Tension Lock technology that allows a stringer to place the perfect shooting channel for more accuracy. The level 4 bottom rail allows for a mid-high pocket that delivers added power and increased hold. An optimal release point an aggressive face shape increases control and accuracy while allowing maximum energy transfer while shooting. This head is made for the guy looking to step in from the outside and let one fly. The Maverik Kinetik is a goalie's worst nightmare from the outside. Maverik KinetikShop-Now

#2 - ECD Mirage

The ECD Mirage is a staple in the offensive world. Designed for the elite offensive player, the ECD Mirage has enough support to handle some of the most vicious checks, but is lightweight enough for fast shots, and superior ball control. ECD is known for keeping the stringer in mind, and that really shows in the Mirage with a bunch of stringing holes, a narrow face shape, an aggressive flair. All of these, make stringing the ECD Mirage the way you like it a breeze. ECD MirageShop-Now

#3 - STX Surgeon 700

You don't need to go to school for 8 years if you want to be be a surgeon. All you need is the STX Surgeon 700. The Surgeon 700 offers a design that is perfect for the elite player. New technologies like Channel Lock, allow the player to string a tighter channel, which creates more consistency, and even more accuracy. The new suspension rail allows for even more freedom when stringing a pocket, so you can get it just the way you like it. The STX Surgeon 700 has a shorter throat giving you the ability to get closer to the ball for better control and a built in support for reduced head rattle. The STX Surgeon 700 is made with Enduraform which is up to 25% more stiff and up to 15% more durable, so you know it's going to hold up in the worst conditions. STX Surgeon 700 Shop-Now

#4 - Warrior EVO 5

You can't have a top attack heads list without including the Warrior EVO 5. The Evo line has stood the test of time, being a staple in the offensive game for years. Now the EVO 5 has even more features that make it perfect for anyone looking for a "do everything" type of offensive head. Tilt-Tech sidewall holes are angled ensuring that your sidewall string stays tight for a consistent pocket with improved hold. The Warrior EVO 5 has Symrail sidewall design which reduces weight without losing stiffness. Designed for a mid to low pocket in mid for a quicker release and ultimate ball control. Last of all, like most Warrior heads the EVO 5 comes with the Loc-throat which secures the head better and reduces head rattle.

Warrior EVO 5


#5 - Nike Lakota U

Last but not least, we have the Nike Lakota U. Easily one of Nike's most popular heads, the Lakota U has been used by most players in the NCAA that have a Nike sponsored team. Coming in at 4.8 ounces, the Nike Lakota U is one of the lightest heads out there. The narrower pinch increases the hold and adds ball control. The Lakota U bottom rail is designed for a mid-high pocket which creates a quick release and added power. Plus, the Lakota U utilizes short round throat, which allows the player to get their hand closer to the ball, perfect for the one handed cradler. Nike Lakota UShop-Now

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