Top 5 Shafts

Buying shafts is hard. Color, weight, texture, grip, and shape all factor into what shaft you purchase. I always liked the concave shaft with a sandpaper like grip. I liked being able to feel the handle in my hands with the sandpaper grip providing extra feel and control. Some people just like the classic alloy shaft with no grip and some people like the super rubbery grip that you cant even slide your hands down. Regardless of your personal preference, these top 5 shafts would be great to use at any position and at any skill level. 1- Maverik Hyperlite: This shaft has a sharp edge feel to it and has the sand blasted grip that provides for more feel. The shaft is also extremely light weighing in at 5oz. while still being very durable. screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-8-15-02-am 2- Epoch Dragonfly 7 shafts: The Gen 7 Dragonfly shafts are the newest and greatest from Epoch. They feature tons of new technology to make them some of the lightest and most durable on the market. Epoch's Dragonfly 7 shafts are game changers for any player at any position. 3- Maverik Mission Blank: The mission was a great shaft, the mission blank is just a cooler looking great shaft. This clean sleek looking shaft has a more classic shaft shape and feel to it but still has great technology in it that allows it to maintain a light weight while not sacrificing strength. East Coast Dyes ECD Carbon Pro Lacrosse Shaft 4- ECD Carbon Pro: This predecessor to their first carbon shaft was a hit. People love this shaft because of the technology, the look, and of course the trusted name. Keep your eyes out during the holiday season because ECD usually drops some awesome LE colorways. Nike Vapor Elite Men's Lacrosse Shaft 5- Nike Vapor Elite: This shaft again takes a more traditional approach with the basic color ways, the classic scandium alloy feel and the more concave shaft shape. This shaft can stand up to just about any abuse at any age level.

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